new Version OGS 5.3.05

Gruetzi all,
I just released a new version of OGS version 5.3.05. The new version
updates the OpenGeoSys coupling to our GEMS-PSI code.
Some documentation on the OGS-GEM coupled version will be soon
available with the new manual.
To use the GEM coupling you should also get the latest version of our
GEM-SELEKTOR code from

Have fun, Georg

Changes include:
- After release under LGPL the source code of the GEMS-PSI kernel
is now in Folder GEMS: GEMS3K V.3 Revision: 737 Last Changed Date:
2012-10-12 14:50:33 +0200 (Fri, 12 Oct 2012)
- changed cmake files to compile GEMS3K from source code;
precompiled libraries were removed
- several bugfixes and small improvements in the OGS-GEM coupling
- removed some output to stdout (with mutex_locks) which improves
performance of multi-threaded GEM calculations
- adaptive time stepping via $TIME_CONTROL SELF_ADAPTIVE now also
works with RICHARDS_FLOW
- updated GEMS benchmarks to new GEMS3K version
- bugfixes to make OGS-GEM work together with HEAT_TRANSPORT

- inserted a new density model "19" for fluids in *.mfp;







    19 1000.0 ; Fluid phase density is extracted from GEM
calculation, second argument is default density value