Node ordering incorrecct in Data explorer

I’m having a problem with the node ordering in my model. For context, the model is of a 3d cavern with surfaces for the top, bottom, and lateral boundaries as well as the roof, floor, and cavern wall. I’m using the data explorer to investigate the mesh and it’s telling me that although the tetrahedron cells are ordered correctly, the triangle surface nodes are not. I’ve tried various configurations for each surface (ensuring they are all consistent in direction) and horizontal surfaces are only considered correct when orientated upwards toward the top boundary. For my simulation, it makes sense that all should be pointed into the volume. Conversely, Lateral boundaries and cavern walls are not considered correct in any instance, bar the occasional one in which I’m unable to see a pattern as they are all ordered in the same manner. I’m wondering if it is essential that all are considered correct in the data explorer to run the simulation correctly? And what might be the problem with my ordering? could it be a result of having a surface in which the triangular elements are orientated differently(see attached image)?
I’ve attached the image of the cavern below to help.
Any input is greatly appreciated!