OGS 6 dev. meeting updated

Dear all,

I've uploaded today's meeting materials to the wiki page (https://svn.ufz.de/ogs/wiki/ogs6plan).

During the meeting, I've presented my idea about the new OGS6 object-oriented structure design (see https://svn.ufz.de/ogs/raw-attachment/wiki/ogs6plan/OGS6_design_draft_NW_20110606.jpg), which I've tried to pick up "Objects" from numerical and physics viewpoints and classify them. My main intention there is separation of physics-related codes and numerics codes, which should provide us flexibility to use various numerical methods. Although there are still lots of things incomplete or missing, I hope it helps us to think how the structure should be (e.g. what objects have to be added or removed). Any comment, criticism will be appreciated.

I can send you the original UML file if you want. I have drawn it using a free software called "astah". You can download it from here,

But I will not continue using the software, because it's not suited for collaborative development. We're looking for something else.

Kind regards,


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