OGS beginners question about krc-file

Hi, eneryone. I want to do Reactive Nitrate transport model, and specific file was carried out in accordance with the example of code file, but when running the model, there are some mistakes with krc-file. I had shown those mistakes in enclosure, and I want to ask you the reason for that and the solution of that. Thanks in advance!
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Xiaowen Sun
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I see that you used OGS5.7; please add it as a keyword and/or in the title so that the concerned experienced users spot it.

It will be good if you could provide all the input files of the model setup. This will help the experienced users on the forum to identify the problem, as it may not necessarily lie in the krc-file.

The solution is not converging at what looks like the boundary nodes. It could be related to the time step that you use, which may or may not be suitable to the velocity, rate constants etc. Have you double checked that all the parameters are correct with consistent units, aligned with your conceptual model? What about the initial conditions and boundary conditions - there seem to be several warnings regarding the assigned values?

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Thanks for your replay, I tried to change the keyword and the title, but when I committed that it had show me"You are not permitted to view the requested resource". Maybe my level is basic.

I have checked my all the parameters and I changed rate constants, when running the model, the result still showed no convergence. My boundary conditions is the same as flow boundary condition and the initial conditions had added some constant conditions, I uploaded all the input files I used and could you provide me some suggestions about that. Thanks in advance!

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xiaoguheNO3-1.zip (2.5 MB)

Just to be sure, did you compile the binary on your local machine?

No, I didn’t compile the binary on my local machine, does this have any effect on the simulation?