OGS Data Explorer6:Questions on file convert and open

Hello,all!Can you help me,I am a initial leaner wondering to know more about the OGS.
I am learning the OGS recently. However,I can not convert the file from XML to ASSCII while using the OGS Data Explorer 6 following the Tutorial OGS.Tutorial-Computational.Hydrology.I-Groundwater.Flow.Modelling.The file in another tutorial could not be opened as well.
The messages in the code window shows as follows:

Error XSDError in http://www.opengeosys.org/images/xsd/OpenGeoSysGLI.xsd, at line 1, column 1:
Start tag expected.
Error XSDError in file:///C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/amer/ogs-6/bin/ammer.gml, at line 3, column 194:
Loaded schema file is invalid.XMLInterface::isValid() - XML File is invalid (in reference to schema ./OpenGeoSysGLI.xsd).GEOObjects::getPointVecObj() - No entry found with name "


Open the affected file in a text editor and remove the following parameter of the XML root element (the first element in < > -brackets in the element, e.g. <OpenGeoSysCND> ):


For more info see the following:


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Thanks for your help sincerely!
I am a graduate student of School of earth science and technology,Southwest Petroleum University majoring in tectonics.And I want to know more about the OGS that I can use it to realize my thoughts as well as further education.By the way,how can I contact you more easily?:smiley:

I have done it with your solution,but it still failed with the code of follwing:
Error FODC0002 in file:///D:/ammer/ogs-6/bin/ammer.gml, at line 3, column 140: Namespace prefix ‘xsi’ not declared
XMLInterface::isValid() - XML File is invalid (in reference to schema ./OpenGeoSysGLI.xsd).
*GEOObjects::getPointVecObj() - No entry found with name "
What should I do?Here is modified file.

Installed OpenGeoSys first time (v6.4) in the windows platform and imported the groundwater modelling example shape files in “DataExplorer”. While importing “boundary_polygon” shape file, an error message “unknown mesh file format” displayed in the console and boundary_polygon “surfaces” was not shown in the “visualization pipeline” window. After importing the shapefiles, OGS file was saved as a PRJ file and this file contains *.gml files, but couldn’t find the GML files in the directory. The OGS program crashed, when I tried to save the OGS file as *.geo file. When I try to open the PRJ file, the following message is displayed:
“Fail to load project file. Please see console for details”
Console display:
“Error XSDError in file:///D:/OpenGeoSys/ogs-6.4/bin/DataExplorer.exe, at line 7, column 11: Element geometry is not defined in this scope.
PRJ file is invalid (in reference to schema OpenGeoSysProject.xsd”

I would very much appreciate it if I get some assistance to complete the OGS groundwater modelling tutorial.
Many Thanks, Jerome