OGS Installation

Dear all,

I have some problems with OGS installation in Windows. When I try to install DataExplorer I have errors like “Qt5core.ddl missing”. So I have installed all Qt5 files and now I have the following error “0xc000007b”. But the files I have installed have the same versions so I don’t understand what the problem is. Can someone help me please?

Many thanks.

Hi @Fenix

First of all, welcome to our OGS family! :clap:

Actually, I don’t use DataExplorer, so I cannot give you any solution. However, I guess there should be some problems in DataExplorer because the major development efforts on OGS6 do not aim at DataExplorer. So, I highly suggest you to use the command-type OGS, like OpenGeoSys + Utilities in this Release page.

Hope others can help you out of these DataExplorer errors. Feel free to ask any question :hugs:


Hi @Rui_Feng,

many thanks for your answer. I also tried to download OpenGeoSys+Utilities but when I start the executable ogs.exe, nothing happens and I don’t kwnow why. So I am not able to install it.

If I try to start it from the command prompt there is the following error “required argument missing: project-file”

Please follow Introduction to run OGS. Also all steps in Introduction to strart your journey of OGS


That’s right because you need to put a .prj file into this command. Please see User Guide of OGS and try to understand each step and error you make.

If you have got this step, you can run some benchmark further.