OGS project file

Hello everyone,

is there any explanation for the parameters used in the project file? where can i found helpfull informations to better understand the script of the project file?

Thank you

Hello Mohamad,

thank you for your post.

There are two places where you may find explanations for parameters:

  • the Doxygen of OpenGeoSys:
    Navigating it may not be intuitive, but it provides at least a brief description of all available parameters.

  • “unofficial” documentation:
    Feliks Kiszkurno / hitchhikers-guide-to-the-ogs · GitLab
    This repo contains a draft of more accessible and beginner-friendly documentation of OpenGeoSys. However, it is still a work in progress. The aim of this project is to improve existing documentation, but it is still being worked on. So, please be warned, that you may encounter quality issues there (broken links, typos, minor inaccuracies).

I hope, that those sources will be helpful to you.