ogs5-benchmarks problem

Hi All,
ogs5-benchmarks and relevant books are valuable resources to learn and contribute in the Opengeosys. However, I found that in https://github.com/ufz/ogs5-benchmarks/tree/master/, some benchmarks do not represent problems as published in https://www.opengeosys.org/books/

In addition, some cases, there are problem to assign parameters in the benchmark files. As a result, it is impossible to run them.

As for example:

(1) https://github.com/ufz/ogs5-benchmarks/tree/master/HM/LinearSwelling

For sure this is a wrong file. Similar problem also available in other benchmarks.

(2) https://github.com/ufz/ogs5-benchmarks/tree/master/H2M

Above files also have problems.

I am wondering, is there any other place to find them ?

Thanks in advance.