Ogs5-msh problem

I have a problem about "ogs.exe don’t Identify the format of the msh file ".
Could you tell how to solve it?
thank you !

3Dnomi.zip (3.2 MB)

I just deleted the leading spaces in the msh file and now I can open it in OGS DataExplorer.
Maybe it works in the simulation now was well
Kind Regards

sorry I forgot to attach the filedabuxun.zip (3.2 MB)

You have overlying mesh element types (line, triangles, tetrahedrons) in your file. that does not work. you have to get rid of the element types with lower geometric dimension using the ogs-dataexplorer. just load in your mesh into the ogs-dataexplorer and click Tools -> Remove Mesh Elements , select line and triangles and remove.

I attached a msh file containing only tetrahedrons .dabun_new.zip (3.3 MB)

this should work.

Dear erik. Thank you very much for your reply. But I’m sorry the simulation don’t execute. johannes.boog’s method is useful.

Thank you for your method. the situmation is normal now.