OGS6.2 MacOS functionality (Beginner)

Dear Development team,

I would like to use OGS on MacOS however I ran into some problems.
I use MacOS Mojave with OGS2.6.0 (2019-04-30 built) for MacOS.

Firstly, following the instruction running the command for OGS in terminal I get the following feedback:

“Required argument missing: project-file” - this I try to fix by adding the following argument to set the project file path, but fail…as I am not able to set the path.
NOTE: “test.prj” acts as my project file name, whereas in the instruction it refer to BenchmarkName.prj. Should I create a black text file for this? Currently there is no “test.prj” file nor BenchmarkName.prj.


Theo$ /Users/Theo/Downloads/ogs-6.2.0-121-g483fce3c4-OSX-10.14-x64-de-utils/bin/ogs /Users/Theo/Downloads/ogs-6.2.0-121-g483fce3c4-OSX-10.14-x64-de-utils/bin/test.prj

info: This is OpenGeoSys-6 version 6.2.0-121-g483fce3c4.
info: OGS started on 2019-04-30 15:18:27+0200.
error: Error while parsing XML file `/Users/Theo/Downloads/ogs-6.2.0-121-g483fce3c4-OSX-10.14-x64-de-utils/bin/Test.prj' at line 0: cannot open file. at ConfigTreeUtil.cpp, line 66
info: OGS terminated on 2019-04-30 15:18:27+020
error: OGS terminated with error.

After this I tested Data Explorer.
By running Data Explorer I import a polygon into the Geometry frame, however, I notice only polylines and points. In a previous version of Data Explorer (OGS5) I can see “surface” as a polygon. In OGS6 I do not see any surface or polygon file. I imported a number of polygon files and none return with surface / polygon in Geometry frame. Is this a potential bug?
NOTE: I select Read Polyline/Surfaces for this.

Following this, I tried to to “Create Mesh from input data” using the imported shapefile, however, returned with the following error:

Execution of gmsh command returned non-zero status, 32256. (NOTE: I did install gmsh and specified directory in the settings.)

Running into these two problems I am stuck.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,

Hi Theo,

thanks for your interest in OGS and your message! Yes the .prj file is the project configuration file of OGS. You need to have a full project (project file plus mesh files and similar input files) to run a OGS simulation. You should check out


This page guides you through your first simulation runs and also shows you how to download example project files (benchmarks).

Maybe you can provide one geometry file for which you cannot see the surfaces in the Data Explorer?

For gmsh please download and install it. Then in the Data Explorer under Settings / Data Explorer Settings you have to set the path to the installed gmsh.exe.

I hope I could help you a bit…