Ogs6 -- ComponentTransport -- Immobile Component? -- SOLVED

Is there a possibility to set a defined for the AqueousLiquid as immobile, to say, eliminating the advective and dispersive part of the corresponding process equation? E.g. to simulate mineral deposition or biomass growth in reactive transport settings.

The prerequisite for component transport simulation lies in the mobility of component. You may regard biomass as a kinetic reactant, otherwise you have to make some changes in the source for skipping transport simulation in each time step.

Setting immobile components as KINETIC reactants when using <chemical_system=“Phreeqc”> is an idea, however, I guess that, currently,the concentration of a KINETIC reactant is not saved outside of Phreeqc. To say, the computed concentration of a KINETIC reactant in the Phreeqc-step at the end of time step i is not transferred to the Phreeqc-step at timestep i+1, or is it?

Element concentrations and amount of immobile species (e.g., kinetic reactants) are all updated and saved after speciation calculation by Phreeqc. Just not be shown in the .vtu output file. I would suggest you to set up a feature request on github, because one may know how to concatenate this part of informtion into the ogs output.

Thanks for that information. I really thought it would not get preserved, besides not outputted, until know.