OGSTools 0.3.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of OGSTools 0.3.0!


Release notes


  • OGS compatible conversion of 2D meshes.
  • Conversion of hydro-thermal FEFLOW models.
  • Bug fix - removed bulk_node and element_ids after assignment.
  • Extended feflowlib to be able to convert user data from FEFLOW files. User data in the FEFLOW data can store data that are not necessary for the FEFLOW simulation.


  • Added to OGSTools with extended documentation.


  • Function to compute differences of meshes.
    • The difference function from meshlib will now return one-to-one, pair-wise, or matrix difference depending on what input the user provides.
  • Function to aggregate all time steps in a MeshSeries given an aggregation function.


  • Functionality and documentation for (mechanical) stress analyses.

  • Introduction of functionality to probe points on MeshSeries

  • Both, Custom figure and axes objects, can now be passed to plot function.

  • Examples are added for:

    • Custom figure axes.
    • XY labels with shared axes (Adding or not adding labels can be handled semi-automatically based on whether axes are shared).
    • Differences of meshes.
    • Limit plots.
  • Progress bars: for animation and convergence study evolution evaluation.

  • Label in format “property name / property unit” can be obtained from Property.

  • Small fix to how setting aspect ratio is handled.

  • Enable use of external fig and ax in plot functions and plotting different variables within one figure.

  • Reworked aspect ratios (with examples).

  • Interactive PyVista examples.


Infrastructure & Development

  • Use latest release of OGS ogstools.opengeosys.org: 6.5.1.
  • Code quality report added.
  • Various changes for building OGSTools with GNU Guix.

breaking API-Changes

(from 0.2.0 to 0.3.0)


  • rename parameter
  • argument defaults are now the same for both CLI and python interface
    rdcd --> reindex (Default changed from True to False)
    ogs --> keep_ids (Reverse meaning, new default of False is the same as ogs=True before)


  • rename function
Property(__Call__  --> transform )