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OpenGeoSys 6.2.1 released!

:beers: OpenGeoSys 6.2.1 released! :beers:





New processes

  • A thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) process, monolithic implementation for Newton non-linear solver. #2446

Other process’ changes

  • Non-equilibrium initial state in the small deformation, HM, and TM processes. #2501, #2561, and #2544

  • A reactive transport process, integrated IPhreeqc Module 3.5.0 for reactive transport modeling. #2494, #2512

  • Fix velocity output in HM. #2507

  • Store process’ names in the Process class instead of an outside map. #2534

  • Generalize permeability models for the fracture flow in LIE/HM:

  • CubicLaw (just generalization). #2542

  • ConstantPermeability. #2543

  • Add simple mass lumping to the RichardsMechanics. #2590



  • new TimeDependentHeterogeneousParameter. #2588

Feature can be used for time dependent heterogeneous boundary condition or source term specification.

Boundary condition

Source term

Input and output

  • HT process: Use MaterialPropertyLibrary for solid phase properties, too. This makes it necessary to changed the project files. #2487

  • Reactive transport process: Output time-series amounts of kinetic reactants and equilibrium phases defined under the subtree of chemical system. #2564

Material models

  • Orthotropic elasticity model. #2428

  • Dupuit permeability relation. #2330

File I/O

  • Gocad TSurface reader has been added #2547

  • Gocad PLine reader has been added #2586

Testing and documentation

New tools

  • GocadTSurfaceReader command line utility #2547/#2586

New tools and CLI usage

  • Add switch multiple-nodes-allowed to tool constructMeshesFromGeometry, #2459

  • Add option to vtkdiff tool to compare meshes using absolute tolerances and connectivity, #2485

  • Scalar arrays are copied when using the ExtractSurface-tool, #2492

Data Explorer

  • Mesh to shape export is now writing all cell-based scalar arrays to the DBF-file, #2436

  • Added support of world files to georeference arbitrary raster files, #2460

  • Scalar arrays are copied when extracting mesh surfaces, #2492

  • Gocad TSurfaces can be imported into Data Explorer #2547

  • Gocad PLines can be imported into Data Explorer #2586

Other notable code changes

  • Conversion to linear mesh is now independent of node numbering. #2519

Development workflows



  • Added web link checker, #2572

  • Reordered Jenkins pipeline for better concurrency, #2560

  • Updated Docker base images to Ubuntu 18.04, #2493

  • Migrated from envinf1 to frontend2, #2440

  • Conan: Use lower-case package names for qt, vtk and shapelib, #2450, #2573

CMake options changes

  • Bumbed miniumum CMake version to 3.12, #2597

  • Added option OGS_CONAN_BUILD_TYPE to overwrite Conan build type, #2577

Web / Docs

Version info

  • CMake minimum 3.12

  • VTK minimum 8.2