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OpenGeoSys 6.2.2 released!

:beers: OpenGeoSys 6.2.2 released! :beers:




Other process’ changes

  • Surface sorption / desorption process implemented. #2658

  • Tag to fix amount of a KineticReactant in ChemistryLib. #2638

  • Replaced the material parameters of ThermoHydroMechanicsProcess with MPL. #2614

  • Explicit tag to set initial stresses in SmallDeformation, ThermoMechancis, HydroMechanics, and RichardsMechanics processes. #2635

  • Invoke material parameters that are associated with component transport process from MPL. #2646

  • Integrated another Phreeqc interface using direct memory access approach for reactive transport modeling. #2640

  • Replaced the specific material properties of TwoPhaseFlowWithPP with generalized MPL. #2644

  • Pass dt through interfaces instead of storage in process’ data or coupled solutions. #2673


  • Generalized implementation for specification of the non-equilibrium initial states. #2633

  • Bulk element point mapping for tetrahedrons added. #2662

  • Repeat time step if assembly failed. Specifically for MFront material models if the integration fails, the time step will be repeated given adaptive time stepping scheme. #2730

Boundary condition

  • Add possibility to specify ‘lower’ dimensional Robin/Neumann boundary conditions. #2710

Source term

  • Line source terms are available. #2685

Input and output

  • [HT] Test if all the needed material properties read from project file. #2727

  • Extend internal state variables (MFront) output to TM, RM, and HM. #2732

Material models

  • New ParameterProperty can be used for heterogeneous spatial distributed MPL properties. #2616, #2683

  • Include MFrontGenericInterface as submodule and update to version tfel-3.2.1. #2631

  • Add Mohr-Coulomb-Abbo-Sloan (and its orthotropic version) to MFront material models. #2634

  • Extend LinearProperty for linear dependency upon multiple dependent variables. #2649

  • New IdealGasLaw MPL property for pure phases consisting of ideal gases. #2651

  • New MPL property Saturation based on the Brooks and Corey material model. #2652

  • New MPL property Relative Permeability based on the Brooks and Corey material model. #2656

  • New MPL properties Saturation and Relative Permeability according to the original Liakopoulos multiphase flow experiment. #2657

File I/O

  • A no longer used RapidStnInterface for stn files is dropped. The used XmlStnInterface remains. #2609

New tools

  • command line utility to interpolate equidistant raster files between two boundary rasters (for vertical refinement of subsurface layers). #2621

  • command line utility to convert 2D meshes into ESRI shape files. #2627

  • command line utility to conver netCDF-files into OGS meshes. #2654

  • command line utility for for 3D mesh to grid conversion. #2704

Other notable code changes

  • Split BuildInfo from BaseLib into separate libs to reduce re-linking after changes in the info variables. #2625

  • Remove almost unused “named functions”. #2708


  • Update tetgen to version 1.5.1 released on 18. of August 2018. #2618

  • Add options to enable gcc sanitizer flags. #2706


  • Builds Singularity container with OGS compiled for different MPI versions on master, #2628

  • Run benchmarks in Singularity container, #2648

CMake options changes

  • Added option to set OGS_BUILD_PROCESSES=OFF to disable building of all processes. #2752

Web / Docs

  • Added links to latest benchmark pages to homepage, added sticky navigation. #2620

  • Website is now fully built (including generation of CSS and JS files) by Netlify, #2731

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