OpenGeoSys 6.5.2 released!


We are happy to announce the release of OpenGeoSys 6.5.2!



Breaking changes

  • !4919 Removes the molar_flux secondary variable in favour of flux output for all chemical species.
  • !4971 THM and RM processes use current state for C_{\\text elastic} computation and no longer the “null”-state.
  • !4984 renames the cell averaged stress output from stress_avg to sigma_avg to be consistent with sigma and sigma_ip outputs.

Process’ changes

  • !4982 Correct domain deactivation behaviour for multi-variable processes; Assembly is not run iff the element is deactivated for all variables.
  • !4984 introduces generic cell averaged output for all processes using reflections for IP data I/O (ATM these are TRM, LD, SD, TH2M). This enables cell average output of all IP data (except material models’ internal state data) for these processes.


  • !4980 finalizes at large the extraction of the constitutive relations into individual models, similar to how it is done in ThermoRichardsMechanics.

Component transport process / reactive transport process with coupling of Phreeqc

  • !4919 Adds flux output <c>Flux for all chemical species <c>.


  • !5007, !5016 B-bar method for linear deformation with Cook’s-membrane test.

Generic features

  • !5009 Enables using Python and volumetric source terms as nodal source terms.


  • !5003 [ci] Fixes for win jupyter ctests

Bug fixes

  • !4919 Fixes the flux output computation in the ComponentTransport process. (The FEM assembly was/is correct.)


  • !4978 New CMake-preset sanitizer.
  • !4990 Refactored Eigen / MKL / OpenMP setup: Introduced new CMake option OGS_EIGEN_PARALLEL_BACKEND which is OpenMP by default. When using OGS_USE_MKL=ON then the backend is MKL. Also updated Eigen to a recent master.


  • !4973 Removed ogs-container-maker dependency. OGS user container are now generated with GNU Guix. Due to improvements in dependency management (CPM) third-party developer container (e.g. C++ VSCode Devcontainer) are sufficient to use for OGS development.
  • !4974 Removed ThirdParty-folder.
  • !5011 Provide MKL container on Releases.

File I/O

  • !4989, !4996 ogs and partmesh create output directory when invoked with -o-parameter.
  • !4997 ogs -m-switch: fallback to reading gml from .prj-file directory.

Material Property Library (MPL)

  • !4992 Allow access of deformation_gradient, mechanical_strain, stress, total_strain, and total_stress in the exprtk expressions of the MPL Function property.

Version info