Output file processing in OGS6

Hi All,
In OGS-5, for point or line, there is an option to extract data with respect to time (for example, TECPLOT). However, in OGS-6, output data are in *.vtu format. What is the best way to obtain data for point or line in OGS-6?

As for example, ogs-data-6.3.0\LIE\HydroMechanics, if I run

ogs .(path)\ single_fracture.prj, I have *.pvd and *.vtu files. If I want to extract data for POINT4 or PLY_FRAC (single_fracture.gml), how to obtain them?

Thanks in advance.



One can provide meshes in the output section, so it is possible to have a submesh that contains e.g., only one point, if writing out the entire mesh would be too large.
Time series data can then be gathered with paraview or via the python vtk wrapper.

Thank you for your reply with the suggested method. Using ParaView, I can see and plot the data (Filters>Data Analysis> Plot Over Line ). However, I want to extract them as text file or CSV file format. I found Edit>Find Data is also effective. To be honest, for OGS5, I used VisIt (https://wci.llnl.gov/simulation/computer-codes/visit/). Having a hectic time in the transition phase of OGS5 to OGS6.

Besides, I am looking something like as follows, where for any point/line output can be extracted


However, in the above procedure, observation point/line data are presented as *.vtu file format, while I need them as a text file or CSV file format.


Using the methods you mentioned the data can be easily exported as CSV via File->Save Data if the corresponding display ‘filter’ is marked in the pipeline browser.