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PardisoLU fails with unspecific message

I compiled OGS with MKL support in order to use PardisoLU from the eigen library.
Unfortunately, the solver always fails with a very unspecific message:

info: ------------------------------------------------------------------
info: *** Eigen solver computation
info: -> scale
info: -> solve with PardisoLU
error: Failed during Eigen linear solver initialization
info: ------------------------------------------------------------------
info: [time] Linear solver took 2.27617 s.
error: Newton: The linear solver failed.
info: [time] Solving process #0 took 2.35626 s in time step #1 
error: The nonlinear solver failed in time step #1 at t = 5000 s for process #0.
info: [time] Output of timestep 1 took 0.00990845 s.
error: Time stepper cannot reduce the time step size further. at TimeLoop.cpp, line 667
info: OGS terminated on 2020-04-09 00:06:05+020
error: OGS terminated with error

However, I thought the debug mode might help, but it does not give any further information.
Does anyone have an idea what might be the cause?

For future reference:
@joergbuchwald and I solved the issue. The problem occurred because of another MKL Installation from a package manager. One has to make sure to link against the native Intel MKL, i.e. that all paths in CMake are properly set to that version.

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