Partmesh anomalies

Hello everyone,
I am trying to prepare the input files for parallel computing (PETSc) using the partmesh tool, but the discretized mesh has many elements missing.

I have followed the instruction given in this documentation.

(PS: I got this plot after running parallel simulation and it is time_0 output.)

How this problem could be solved?

Thank you,
Laxman Kafle

The simulation results should be fine. Only the ghost information is incorrect. This error is known and is on the ToDo list of the developers.

Dear Thomas,
I know the issue raised in gitlab ( but I guess my problem is different because I got this plot before applying RemoveGhostData tool.

To check whether my model has issue rather than the partmesh tool I perform a similar test on simple cube 1x1x1 but there also I got the same problem.

Input files for the test: (83.3 KB)

Thank you,
Laxman Kafle

Dear Laxman,

please could you load your model results into paraview. Paraview loads the data in two steps. First you choose your model, second you have click to apply. After the first step and before the second step you have the possibility to choose which data arrays should be loaded. Please, can you disable the loading of the ghost data arrays and report if the visualization still looks wired?

Best regards,

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for your reply. The visualization looks good now.
Thank you for your help.
Laxman Kafle

The bug is hopefully fixed. The changes are in a merge request. Our continuous integration system is checking the changes now and after a review the code will be available in the main ogs in a few days.