Porosity reduction and Implementation Kozeny-Carman equation in OGS6


Good day. I am currently working on my master thesis on Microbially Induced calcite precipitation in OG6-phreeqc solver. I would to know if there is any benchmark case which solves the porosity reduction and Kozeny-Carman equation in OGS6.

Harish R

Hello Harish,

At the present moment we have this feature implemented in OGS6 but we still do not have a benchmark.

Please have a look to this:

I hope this helps
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Thanks a Lot Dr. Vanessa for this. I still need to figure out how I can link my phreeqc calculation with the porosity, so that the porosity is reduced at each step and can be linked to Kozeny-Carmen equation.

Dear Harish,

At the present moment the merge request is still open. So, we will need to wait few days. If you have problems with your simulation just let us know, we will try to help you @renchao.lu

Best wishes

Hello Dr. Vanessa,

Good day. I found this test case in the link you sent me (https://gitlab.opengeosys.org/ogs/ogs/-/blob/6908e5bc7f4e8fccac655961c7c0236a2db666bf/Tests/Data/Parabolic/ComponentTransport/ConTracer/ConTracer_1d.prj) and I tried to simulate it my system. I am getting the following error…

info: This is OpenGeoSys-6 version 6.3.2-835-g904721446.
info: OGS started on 2020-11-24 12:11:41+0100.
warning: Consider switching from mesh and geometry input to multiple meshes input. See https://www.opengeosys.org/docs/tools/model-preparation/constructmeshesfromgeometry/ tool for conversion.
info: ConstantParameter: kappa
info: ConstantParameter: porosity
info: ConstantParameter: retardation
info: ConstantParameter: decay
info: FunctionParameter: p0
info: ConstantParameter: p_Neumann_left
info: ConstantParameter: p_Dirichlet_right
info: ConstantParameter: c0
info: ConstantParameter: c_spatial
info: CurveScaledParameter: c_Dirichlet_left
info: No source terms for process variable ‘pressure’ found.
info: No source terms for process variable ‘Cs’ found.
**critical: E:/gitlab/builds/XBgsxgtH/0/ogs/ogs/MaterialLib/MPL/CreateProperty.cpp:169 `anonymous-namespace’::createProperty() **
error: The specified component property type ‘KozenyCarman’ was not recognized
info: OGS terminated on 2020-11-24 12:11:41+0100.
error: OGS terminated with error.

If you want to test the Kozeny-Carman equation, you should compile OGS from

since the model is not yet included in the main branch.
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As indicated by @lurpi, the model is still not in OGS master, either you compile from the mentioned “point” or you wait until this is done, which probably will not take too long.

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Hello Dr. Vanessa,
I downloaded the latest OGS 6.3.3 version and the corresponding Carman kozeny benchmark, When i compare the results of the benchmark case with kozenycarmen permeability and benchmark case without permeability modification, I am unable to find any changes. My comparison was between the darcy velocity of the two cases.

Benchmark : Contracer 2D

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Harish R

Hello Dr. Lu and Dr. Vanessa,
I am trying to implement the Kozeny-Carman equation into my reactive transport model but I am unable find a way to link the IPHREEQC calculation and the Kozeny-Carman permeability update, can you please help me with this. The Benchmark case “Contracer” has Kozeny Carman permeability update in it but I am unable to find the modified permeability in it.

Harish R