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I have just started using OGS and I would like to know if it is possible to have the results of the simulation in a certain point as an output without having to take them from paraview?

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from your simulation you should get either a list of .vtu files for the timesteps with a .pvd file which wraps everything together. So just pick the file which is of interest to you and postprocess it to your liking. If you don’t want to use paraview then you can use pyvista to open and process it. Alternatively I would recommend you to try out our python package ogstools. Here are some examples which might help you get started: How to use meshplotlib — ogstools 0.2.0.post1.dev78+gc693a9a documentation

If your simulation produces an.xdmf file I would also recommend ogstools, as the MeshSeries calss makes it easy to access specific timesteps from it.

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Hi.I also have the same problem about post-processing, no longer open another post for help.

When I follow the tutorial - advancing glacier, I use the file provided by the tutorial. After reaching the step of post-processing paraview software, there are only two attributes of sigma and displacement in the point / unit / column array state under the output attribute, which is obviously inconsistent with the 10 attributes in the video tutorial.

Later, I operated on the Wellbore Heat Transport-EUBHE example under Benchmarks, and the same problem occurred: the output attributes and the variables finally presented on the coordinate axis are not so many. Is this related to my configuration process, or what is the problem?

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The comparison between my paraview and the tutorial paraview is attached below.

There were some breaking changes in the latest release, as can be read here.

!4557 If some variables are specified for output, only those will be output, i.e., users might miss some outputs compared to before this MR. Please check/adapt your prj files if necessary.

This mean in the output sections of your project files only a few variables are specified (i.e. sigma and displacement in the first case). If you want to have more variables in the output either add them to the list or leave the variables section empty, then you get every possible variable in the output.

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