Problem in runing the beam3d prj. from the benchmark, ThermoMechanicalPhaseField

Hello,all! I am a initial leaner wondering to know more about the OGS.I am learning how to run the OGS with the phase-field method recently.

When i using the OGS 6.30 to run beam3d.prj published in the ThermoMechanicalPhaseField floder, The input files are available here
But, it is showing error message as follows:
Error while parsing XML file `D:\OGS软件\ogs-data-6.3.0\ThermoMechanicalPhaseField\beam3d’ at line 0: cannot open file. at ConfigTreeUtil.cpp, line 67

Your kind help and suggestion are much appreciated.

I think the file ending .prj is missing at the ogs call.

Dear Bilke,
Really appreciate for your guide. My problem have been solved.
Beaide that, i would like to konw if thre are any benchmark files with the Phase-field method and the ThermoMechanicalPhaseField for OGS 5.8? And where can I download the benchmark file?
Best wishes,