Problem in runing the 'beam3d_stag_1pcs.prj. 'from the benchmar, phase field

Hello,all! I am learning how to run the OGS with the phase-field method recently.

When i using the OGS 6.3.2 to run beam3d_stag_1pcs.prj published in the PhaseField floder, i can’t get the output results after running the prj. file.The input files are available here
[Tests/Data/PhaseField/beam3d_stag_1pcs.prj · master · ogs / ogs · GitLab]
It is showing two warning messages as follows:
The first one is,“Consider switching from mesh and geometry input to multiple meshes input. See tool for conversion.”
The next one is,“There are still some matrices and vectors in use. This might be an indicator of a possible waste of memory.”
Besides,there is also two info as followings:
" info: No source terms for process variable ‘phasefield’ found.
info: No source terms for process variable ‘displacement’ found."
I have no idea if these are related to the problem that i cannot get the output file and how can i get the output file.
Your kind help and suggestion are much appreciated.