Problem with following Tutorial Project for New users

Hi all,

I am a new user trying to follow the tutorial project and learn. But seems the tutorial project is out of date. I receive error message: The <solid_density> tag has been removed. Use definitions to specify solid’s density.

To fix this, I tried to add a section, like other benchmark project, between and <time_loop>:

                        <value>1</value> <!-- Assuming the density value from rho_sr -->

But I got warning: The maximum value of MaterialIDs in mesh is 3. As the given number of porous media definitions in the project file is 1, the maximum value of MaterialIDs in mesh must be 2 (index starts with zero).
error: map::at: key not found

Thanks ahead!

Hi Oumeng,

the snippet you are showing looks ok, but something went wrong with the material ids. Could you upload (a small version if possible) of the project file and the meshes? Then we could figure out what goes wrong exactly.

The error says that the medium description for some material id was not found in the media description.

– d

Hi Dmitri,

Thanks for your reply. I am not sure any of my modification is useful. Do you know what change should be made to the original project file to make it work?

Hi Oumeng, I could take a look if you provide the meshes as well, would you?

Dmitri, Here they are. I follow the tutorial to produce these with “python” and “msh2vtu mesh_basin.msh --ogs --rdcd”. (126.4 KB)

Great, the snippet above should also contain material ids for the medium, like so:

     <medium id="0,1,2,3">

Thanks for reporting the issue. It will be fixed in few days.

– d

Thank you so much, Dmitri. I add id=“0,1,2,3” and error is gone.

If I understand this correctly? id=“0,1,2,3” will do mapping all the four layers as SOLID phase. Is that right?

Exactly, same as in the constitutive relations for the solid. For complex setups one can choose different media (material properties) for different material ids.

Glad to hear, the problem is solved now.

– d

FYI: this has been fixed: Fix and test Glacier tutorial (!4799) · Merge requests · ogs / ogs · GitLab. The updated files should be available on the website in a few hours…

Thanks Lars. It is so great that this community is so helpful and responsive.

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