Problems in following Video Tutorial of the glacier basin

Hi guys,

When I follow the video tutorial, Video Tutorial, part 2: solving, I have some problems.

  1. in the windows command prompt, I have to set the path to …\bin where ogs.exe is, in order to open ogs.exe. However, under this directory, I cannot open the file OGSinput_basin.prj that is in another directory, unless I copy it and related files into the same directory with ogs.exe, i.e. …\bin. I’m Windows 10 user, how can I fix this problem?

  2. I copy the OGSinput_basin.prj and related files into …\bin, thus I now can run this command “ogs -l debug OGSinput_basin.prj”. I can see the figure 1, Glacier evolutionm, and the ogs has terminated successfully. However, I cannot find the output files, e.g. OGSioutput_basin0.pvd in the directory of …\bin. What happens? how should I do?

Thanks guys.

You don’t have to copy the files around.

You can pass the prj-file by using a relative file path.

The output per default is written to the working directory from where you started OGS. You can specify a different output path with the -o option. See ogs.exe --help. for details.

Hi Lars,

Thanks for reply.

I ran OGS in the directory of artifacts/…/bin, as I said I copied the prj.file into this directory. But I still cannot find the output file. Also, I use the tool Everything (searching files on computer), I can only find one file named “OGSoutput_basin{” with 0 bytes…

I will try as you guide. Thanks again

Full output of your commands and steps you do on your PC would certainly help.

in the CMD:

O:\OGS\artifacts_CLI\build\release\ogs-6.4.1-7-g91e80ece2a0-Windows-10.0.19043-python-3.8.2-utils\ogs-6.4.1-7-g91e80ece2a0-Windows-10.0.19043-python-3.8.2-utils\bin>ogs -l debug OGSinput_basin.prj

last several lines of the result shown in CMD:


debug: output to OGSoutput_basin{:process_id}_ts_100_t_1.000000.vtu
debug: Writing output to ‘OGSoutput_basin{:process_id}_ts_100_t_1.000000.vtu’.
info: [time] Output of timestep 100 took 0.0405451 s.
info: The whole computation of the time stepping took 100 steps, in which
the accepted steps are 100, and the rejected steps are 0.

info: [time] Execution took 20.1708 s.
info: OGS terminated on 2021-10-18 13:05:13+0200.

Only two files I obtained after the implementation of “ogs -l debug OGSinput_basin.prj”, i.e. OGSoutput_basin{ and glacier.pdf


I do not know where the files OGSoutput_basin{ (very strange that there is a bracket in the filename) and glacier.pdf come from…

The remaining output files are in the directory from where you start OGS. Maybe it is the default directory when you start the CMD application.

Hi Lars
:joy: thanks very much for your help. I will now follow strictly your suggestion to see what would happen.

Hi Bilke,

Good afternoon!

I still encounter this problem, i.e. no output files. One probable reason is in the…what the statement “import OpenGeoSyS” means? It shows ‘OpenGeoSys’ is unresolved…Thanks