Problems with raster (.asc .tif Geotiff) data input in ogs for meshing

Dear OGS-Community,

I am trying to mesh my model using the OpenGeoSys Data Explorer.
My layers are raster format.
When trying to File -> Import Files -> Raster Files, I get the error “Error reading raster.”
I tried many different formats, e.g. .asc, .tif, Geotiff, but nothing seems to work.
Is this a known error, and are there possible fixes/workarounds

I am running OGS version 6.2.0 on macOS Mojave 10.14.5.


Hi Thilo,
In general there are different standards for ASC Raster Header as well as really a multitude of options for geotiff (e.g. different compression rates…) . I suggest that you check the header of your asc file with the ones from the OGS tutorials whether they are similar. I think the header should look like this:
Kind Regards