Reg. generation of a mesh file with heterogeneous permeability

Dear Sir,

I want to assign a random distribution of material parameters to the mesh (e.g., porosity and permeability).

I have seen such a mesh in Tests\Data\Parabolic\ComponentTransport\heterogeneous\ogs5_H_2D.

How can I generate such a mesh file?


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I am using meshio import meshio, then you can use a lines like

mesh = 
mesh.cell_data['vm_permeability'] = [np.array(k_cell)]

of course behind the array there must be some logic (even random numbers, since I assume some depth-trend), evaluations of coordinates, interpolation etc.

Dear Dominik,

In case if I need to give a heterogeneous permeability tensor for 2D approximation, do I need to generate a 3x3 tensor or 4x1 vector for simplification?

Because if I need to give MeshElement type permeability, it might result in an error if any tensorial element (xx,yy,zz,xy) is not provided.

Let me know.


Never mind, I was able to develop the code in Python. Thank you.

Dear Pavan,

nice that you found a solution. Is it possible to share your solution? I think that would be helpful also for others that want to do similar things.

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Dear Thomas,

Sure, why not!

But, the Python code was developed for quad elements. However, you can modify the code for other mesh element types. The code basically generates a random log-normal distribution of permeability between maximum and minimum values. You can perform the needful changes.

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