Release branch and binaries with bugfixes available!

For an improved user experience we implemented the integration of bug fixes for the last released version (currently 6.3.3) and provide up-to-date binaries on the website:

The OGS version from this branch should be very stable and we recommend to use this enhanced version for production. You can see a list of merged bugfixes here.

We will provide this in the future by following this procedure:

  • After release we create a new branch v6.x.x
  • The branch will get bug-fixes from the main development line (from the master-branch)
  • We will provide updated release binaries with every fix (downloadable via website)
  • The branch will receive fixes until the next release

If you encounter any problems please let us know!


It’s a little bit embarrassing to be asking this question but I just downloaded the current release of OpenGeoSys (6.3.3) for Windows and I can’t find the “ogs” executable in any of the folders. Is there an alternative way to download it? Or should I be using a different executable to run the projects?

Thank you,

Hi Dorivaldo,

just tried to reproduce your problem and downloaded the zip file from the website, the first one called “v6.3.3_Windows CLI with Utilities”. After extracting it the ogs is available in:
ogs-6.3.3-28-g69eb3950e2f-dirty-Windows-10.0.19041-python-3.8.2-utils/bin folder, binary is called ogs.exe.

Let us know, which file you downloaded, so we can look into details if you still have problems.

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Hi Dmitri,

Thanks for the help and, yes, your solution works for me.

The file that I downloaded previously is called “6.3.3/” and it’s the first file under the “Current Release: OpenGeoSys 6.3.3” section.

I hadn’t previously noticed that the section above it also contained current ogs release with the added bug fixes, so that was my mistake.

Thanks again,

The downloads which contain the Data Explorer do not contain the ogs executable.

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Thanks for reply. Glad it worked!