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Richard Mechanics: Initial condition, Units of parameter and source term

Hello everyone,
I am learning OGS6, my intention to use OGS is to simulate the rainfall-induced landslide. I have a few queries and difficulties while learning Richard Mechanics benchmark.

1. About modelling existing groundwater table (as an initial condition)
I want to define the groundwater table as given in the following figure. Is defining initial condition using ParaView filter is enough or there is any special procedure for that? (because I feel that my model is not giving right result)

2. About a unit of the parameter used in the Richard Mechanics benchmark file??
It looks like the Internation System (IS) is used in OpenGeoSys but in the Richards mechanics benchmark; it is weird because both liquid and solid phase has the same 1 unit density. Could anybody explain to me that? (I wanted to change the parameter as per my model requirement and when I have tried to change the parameters, the iteration does not converge).

3. About source term definition
I want to define the rainfall flux boundary as a source term on top of the model. Has anybody already done rainfall simulation please help me?

Thank you for your help in advance.
Here are the input files for my model.
model.zip (53.3 KB)