Several parameters missing in CMake configuration (e.g. HDF5) on Windows Server

Dear all,

when building OGS on a Windows Server there are several parameters missing in the CMake configuration. I’ve also done it on my Windows 10 PC, where there are much more options to choose from. I use the same CMake version in both cases (CMake 3.21.2) with all presets (msvc-release) equally. The most noticeable parameters, because whole blocks of options are missing are HDF5… and LIBXML2… .
Later during the building process with Visual Studio (16 2019) there are error messages about missing “H5T…” parameters on the Server (see picture below) which I tend to believe comes from the missing HDF5 options in CMake, but this is just a suspicion. Locally, however, it works great.

If anybody has ever faced similar problems or knows a solution for this issue I’d be very happy to hear from you!
If there are any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


To help you we need full log output especially from CMake in this case (use command-line cmake, not cmake-gui). See also Get support / fill a bug report.

Dear @bilke,

I attached the log file from the CMake build process. If you need any other file or information please let me know!

Jakob (2.8 KB)


One thing I noticed:

OGS finds and uses the HDF5 libraries from your Conda installation. You can try to force it to let OGS handle the library compilation by changing CPMFindPackage to → CPMAddPackage in line 200 in scripts/cmake/Dependencies.cmake: scripts/cmake/Dependencies.cmake · master · ogs / ogs

This will build HDF locally inside the OGS build directory and may fix the issue. Please make the change and the configure again in a clean (new) build directory.