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First I appreciate that the OGS project provides a powerful tool for the researchers in the computational community, also thanks for the contribution to open source community.

I am here to share some tips summarized in my failed tries.

(1) I found a small confusion when I ran It was failed if I used meshio upper versions, such as 4.3.10 or higher. I do not know it is suitable for everyone, but it occurred in my case. So, if you had a same problem, please try a lower version of meshio.

(2) JupyterNotebook is friendly than vs code for a beginner. I mean that when you launched the .py scripts. It works smoothly for me. However, it may depends on your habits.

(3) It is useful that classifying two different version, with and without python binding version. In some cases, they may produce different warning/error information. It is an useful clue for finding your mistakes.

(4) The input of a simulation is the .prj file. All preparations aim to generate the content of .prj file. The important one is mesh procedure, in which gmsh is involved. Python scripts iare helpful.

(5) I was struggled with a problem (the link) a lot. As the advice says, it is efficient to use jupyter flowchart, which needs Docker Desktop for Windows. However, for directly using the prebuilt binary version OGS, this problem still unsolved (for me, and not find any solution). Some related pages:

(6) It is convenient to set the environment variable – PATH in your OS, such that you do not indicate the path to ogs/bin at the console every time.

(7) For WSL users. OGS6 supports WSL2, instead of WSL1. The root path can be entered by \\wsl$ or just input explorer.exe . in the WSL terminal. The command bash is used to switch from Windows environment to WSL.

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Thank you for the tips! There is an alternative way to use OGS that has been made available recently:

The workflow covers points (2), (3), (5) as everything is packed in a container (OGS can be used via Jupyter, no need to worry about Python, and execution is enabled via ogs6py). And even, with some additional steps, maybe GMSH and meshio could be integrated in the container.

For some setup guidance in Windows we used this recently.

Hello, Thanks for the links and informative instructions.

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