Solving part / "OpenGeoSys Workflow Tutorial: Solving - YouTube

Hello, I am trying to perform the tutorial shared in youtube (solving part/ "OpenGeoSys Workflow Tutorial: Solving - YouTube).I’m using VS Code.My results differ from those in the video(as shown in the picture),and there is no Build-release folder in my ogs folder.

Thank you for your help.



Hi Sherlock,

unfortunately the images are to blurry… The build folder should be the folder in that you run ccmake.

Hi bilke,
Thank you for your help. Sorry, I’m a newbie, and my questions were silly.I reupload the images.Does the build folder come with ogs or do I need to create it myself?

There are no silly question… :wink:

I had a short look on the tutorial video and I think it is not perfectly clear shown but yes, the build-folder needs to be manually created. Please have a look at this page for details: Build configuration

In short, you do something like this:

git clone
mkdir build
cd build
ccmake ../ogs

Thank you very much for your encouragement. :sob:

I have configured Cmake according to “Build configuration”, but there are still some errors.As shown in the figure.

But now you are on MinGW (Windows), before you were on Linux.

The MinGW environment is not supported by OGS, if you are on Windows, please check the specific Windows steps in the developer guide (there is a switcher button at the top of each page).