Some questions about boundary construct in update software (OGS6)

Hello, everyone. I have some questions about the boundary construct. Before 5 or 6 months ago, I performed the same steps for mesh generation and boundary generation just fine. But recently I did basically the same operation and it caused problems with the boundary mesh file generation. I want to ask if anyone knows what the problem is. How should I solve it?
Before, First, I used Python to get the .msh file (mesh). Then, run -r -g xxx.msh to get the two .vtu files. Next. use the “identifySubdomains” and “constructMeshesFromGeometry” to get the New_mesh_basin_domain.vtu and boundary files (.vtu).

Now. I only change run “the pip install ogstools” and msh2vtu -g -r xxx.msh (2nd step). Other steps are not changed. But I get different boundary mesh files (.vtu). So the output files display the inlet and outlet in the bottom, rather than my setup (from left to right).

Now all inlet and out flow from the bottom in and out.

Thank you for your help. Have a nice day.
Lingxiang Wang