The tool (Reset Properties in Polygonal Region) 's parameters and the value class format of new property

Hi.Problems encountered when using ResetPropertiesInPolygonalRegion tool to define grid properties for areas; first, the toolkit’s value types only include int and char, but I need double-precision floating point types, or an exponent based on base 10. How to solve this problem? Also, it seems that the newly added property name cannot contain underline characters. Is it because the tools provided by ogs cannot use such symbols?
Dear joergbuchwald also give another way to set properties in different regions,like VTUInterface.I’m working on trying this. But I still want to know if the previous approach will work.

It is correct that the tool ResetPropertiesInPolygonalRegion can set integer, character, and boolean properties. An integer property could be used in paraview calculator to generate floating point number property.
Underscores in names are allowed. However, it looks like adding any new property generally requires the MaterialIDs property is already in the mesh. I’m not sure, but this could be a bug.

But what I need is to define different values in different MaterialIDs. So in my impression, calculator does not seem to be able to implement this function.If the tool ResetPropertiesInPolygonalRegion cannot solve the problem of inputting floating point data types, then I can only find another way.