Time discretization scheme

Hi everyone,
I’ve been applied OGS to simulate the groundwater flow and heat transport processes for a while. I found it unclear that which time discretization scheme is applied. As far as I know, there are several options such as forward and backward Euler, Crank-Nicoloson method as well as backward differential formula. Could anyone help to tell me which one is used and which block I can set the time discretization scheme?
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Haoyue Liu

Haoyue Liu,

for now only backward Euler scheme is available. We have had Crank-Nicolson scheme before, but decided to remove it.
The time discretization is described in time_loop subtree: OGS: [tag] process
along other settings for time stepping and convergence criteria.

Hope this helps!

Ha, my bad, the answer is for OGS-6 only. Nevermind.