Unfolding a fold and thrust basin?

Hello, I’m looking for software which can accept attributed voxel/mesh models of simple stratigraphy and structure and unfold it to a flat lying geometry using simple rules such as maximum curvature of contacts, maximum thickness variation between adjacent blocks, fault direction and timing.

I get the feeling from reading tutorials and forums that OpenGeoSys might not be the right package for this (though happy to be wrong!), but was wondering if someone here could please either help me track down a tutorial to get started, suggest a developer who could make it happen in OGS, or point me in the direction of a more suitable package?

Thanks in advance for any and all help and advice offered!

Hello, in OGS we have some tooling to deal with simple meshing tasks but nothing sophisticated. Maybe CGAL’s 3D mesh generation is suitable for your application?

– d

Thanks for the reference, I’ll take a look.
Much appreciated.