Unknwon mesh element type, RM benchmark - Bishop's effective stress:

Dear all,

I cannot run the Richard-Mechanics benchmark about Bishop effective stress because OGS 6.4.0 cannot recognize the mesh element type.

The errors I get under Windows is:

You are trying to build a local assembler for an unknown mesh element type (class MeshLib::TemplateElement< class MeshLib::QuadRule4 >). Maybe you have disabled this mesh element type in your build configuration.

It does not work with the latest windows release nor with a locally compiled from latest Linux source.

Maybe I am just missing a trivial OGS_ENABLE_ELEMENT_xxx flag during cmake configuration, but I could not find it.
I explore the possible flags with ccmake and “advanced mode” (not sure if it is the best approach).

Thanks a lot for your attention,

(side note: At the moment I cannot test to increase the OGS_MAX_ELEMENT_ORDER value because I have some error during compilation related to CPM and the package exprtk)

The error related to CPM and the package exprtk is already fixed in master.

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Thanks for the hint about updating the source.
Benchmark error is now an issue:
RM Benchmark: Bishop’s effective stress not running - Unknown mesh element type (#3184) · Issues · ogs / ogs

Solved, it was due to a corrupted vtu file.

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