Unreasonable results for a simulation of EGS doublet system

Hello everyone, I have been running a project with ogs6.3.3 to simulate a doublet system of enhanced geothermal system. I attach the project file at the end of my text. The parameters I use are from some articles investigating a real geothermal system in Pohang, SouthKorea. However, the simulation results I get seems unreasonable in some way. The displacement, epsilon and sigma is too large to accept. I have tried to figure out the sensitivity of some parameters and found that reducing the thermal expansivity to an order of e-7 can get a normal results of variables. At the same time, the injection rate I use is also smaller than the real value. So I am confused that why I get the wrong result with real parameters? I think there must be some errors in my definitions of some condition in the prj file. Could anyone to help me find them?
By the way, I haven’t some examples concerning adding initial stress to the model. How can I realize it? What is the relative code? Can anyone help me? Thank you!

simple_version_injection_phase.zip (36.1 KB)

Paraview shows you have pressure on the order of 10 GPas. Why?

Yes,That’s the problem I want to solve. I use the real parameters from some articles investigating the EGS in Pohang southKorea,but I get too large sigma. If I reduced the thermal expansivity I can get the normal sigma which is about 50Mpa. Maybe there is something wrong with other definitions and I will try to figure them out

I mean, your model is 2d, you are injecting a certain amount of fluid, why do you obtain 10GPa of pressure? What scaling are you applying to your injected flow?

the injection rate is 3e-6m³/s. By the way, the result I show is sigma which is about solid mechanics. The result of pressure is not shown here but it’s about 10Gpa,too. The result is obtain after a 30 years’ simulation time.