Using coupled THM behaviours written with MFront

Hello everyone,

I am a total newcomer to OpenGeoSys, but I have been working with MFront for some time and I am looking for a THM solver for my purpose, and considering using OpenGeoSys. I have seen a Thermoporomechanical Mfront behaviour lying around in the OGS sources, does that mean that user-defined THM behaviours from MFront can be used directly in OpenGeoSys today? Or does it require some additional work that could be done by the user without too much trouble?
Thanks in advance,


Hi Maxime,
there are two basic options: you use MFront as part of the OGS THM process for calculating the effective stresses. This is the standard approach and you can just take it away and work with it. The case that you mention computes more: total stresses and saturations in particular. The idea would be to include more constitutive aspects in these GenericBehaviours, but that’s indeed work in progress (i.e. requires coding in OGS proper).