Version request: OGS 5.4.03

Dear OGS

    I'd like to release the new OGS

version 5.4.03.

    With this Version5.4.03, PTC_FLOW

module is now replaced by MULTI_COMPONENTIAL_FLOW
module. This module handles the number of PVs (could be p, T
plus N mass
fractions as number of components) dynamic way for numerical
simulation of flow
and transport processes with CO2, H2O, CH4 OR N2 as the fluid
component. Here, variety
of EoS (VTPR, PR, IDEAL, and CONSTANT) are available for
approximation of fluid
(g, l, sc) material parameter.

    I implemented this to solve flow and heat, with mass transport

processes in the
monolithic way, because, I wanted to include the terms related
EXPANSIVITY in simulations. This is very important in case when
injection and
formation fluids density differnce is large (usual in CO2
sequestration). Here, I
must say following two about this module

  •       Its numerical stability and

    accuracy are superb

  •       Very economy with respect of

    computation time (many unnecessary loops and function calls
    have been avoided with using ARRY instead of CASE for Matrix
    (MASS, LAPLACE, ADVECTION, CONTENT) element calculation)


application and how to use it correctly are already described
under Version 5.4.03 section at

    Addition to

this, me also planning to
add following new benchmarks at benchmarks/GAS_FLOW

  • CO2 injection into
    layered brine formation: Inter code comparison, ELSA ,

  •       Tracer transport: Analytical


  •       Buoyant plume movement: Inter

    code comparison SUTRA, SEAWAT and validation
    with experiment

  •       Gravity effect on hydrostatic

    pressure distribution: Analytical comparison

  •       Numerical prediction of borehole

    pressure (BHP) at Ketzin field: Validation with measured data

  •       Fluid properties : Comparison of

    VTPR approximated fluid properties with NIST

      If there is

no objection, I will
close the trunk from ** Sunday 11:00 am to
16:00 pm on 16/06 2013**.

    Have a nice

weekend to you all!




-- Dr. Ashok Singh, Staff Scientist
Department of Environmental Informatics
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Permoserstraße 15 | 04318 Leipzig | Germany
Phone +49 341 235 1098