Why could not I get output files after running the benchmarks successfully

Dear all, I am a new user for the OGS6. When I ran the benchmarks successfully as the tutorial, I found that there was no any output files in the directory. But the debug information showed that “Writing output to ‘drainage_diffusion_ts_0_t_0.000000.vtu’”. I do not know what is the problem.Can anyone help me? I will appreciate your help very much.

According to https://gitlab.opengeosys.org/ogs/ogs/-/tree/master/Tests/Data/Elliptic/cube_1x1x1_SteadyStateDiffusion the file drainage_diffusion_ts_0_t_0.000000.vtu the file is already present in the benchmark directory if you were executing it there. So, after execution, it should just be rewritten and there should be an additional PVD file in the directory. If it is not rewritten you should check the file/folder permissions.