Invalid map<K, T> key

Hi everyone,
I wrote a project file for a EGS system and ran it with ogs 6. But I give this error massage

warning: The maximum value of MaterialIDs in mesh is 3. As the given number of porous media definitions in the project file is 1, the maximum value of MaterialIDs in mesh must be 2 (index starts with zero).
error: invalid map<K, T> key

Can someone help me how solve this error ?

this is my project repository in github

Thank in advance

Hi @yasinahmadpoor

Welcome to our OGS family!

I found your EGS.vtu has 4 kinds of material, but in your EGS.prj you only give medium id="0" and medium id="1"(only 2 kinds of material’s property). That is the problem, I think.

You must give each material corresponding material’s property in your prj.

For more information you can find here, A small question about the '.prj' file.

Hope it can help you

Hello Rui,
But I defined 2 materialIDs in my vtu file. so I upload the geo file for more investigation here

I really appreciate your help

I suggest you should change your fault line from multi-line (EGS/EGS.geo at 18ce4605fee0970f1bc713d9f5f383ea8557cdc5 · yasinahmadpoor/EGS · GitHub) to a single line. After this change, it should work.

If there is still problem, let me know!