Migration to GitLab complete!

We are happy to announce that we successfully migrated the development platform of OpenGeoSys to GitLab!

The new home is now at: https://gitlab.opengeosys.org/ogs/ogs

I have added some new documentation pages with instructions to migrate your local repositories:

The old repository at GitHub is still there and is always updated automatically to reflect the current state but we will not accept any more pull requests or issues on the old repository.

If you have any questions or problems do not hesitate to contact me, or also Dima and Tom who tested the migrated repo before. Thanks for that!

Please keep in mind that you need a GitLab account for creating new merge requests or to participate in issue discussions. To create such an account simply log in to GitLab with your GitHub user account. Upon first log in your account will initially be blocked. Please let me know that I can unblock it!

Happy developing!

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Many thanks for the great efforts!

worked smoothly, thanks!

Hi, could you unblock my account? I wanted to make a merge request. Thank you!

Hi Francesco, I unblocked your account.