Question: The setting of heterogeneous parameters in OGS

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I have a question about the input format of OGS.

Question background:
The input files what I have are: (1) .prj (2) all required .vtu (defined the boundaries, bulk, etc.)

My question is: how to generate a heterogeneous field of my input? for example, the permeability field.
Currently, in my case, the permeability defined in .prj is a constant.

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Dear Luyu,

First step: Generate the data for the parameter

  • One easy possibility would be to use paraview to generate an additional data array, for instance with the name HeterogenousPermeabilityParameter, in your bulk mesh.

Second step: In the project file you can specify a parameter within the <parameters> section of type MeshElement as follows


Third step: Use this parameter in the description of the permeability within the <medium>-tag as follows:


There are also benchmarks available using this feature, see for example inhomogeneous_permeability.prj

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