Reg. paraview generated spreadheet using PlotDataOverTime

Dear Sir,

I have performed a triaxial drained test using MFront’s Modified Cam Clay model. As I want to plot stress vs strain, I extracted a spreadsheet from ParaView using the PlotDataOverTime filter. However, I could see several types of stresses {avg(sigma(0)), avg(sigma(1)), avg(sigma(2)), avg(sigma(3)) and avg(sigma(Magnitude))}. The same parameters were observed in terms of strains.

I would like to know what kind of averages these are and what the difference is between avg(sigma(0,1,2,3)) and avg(sigma(Magnitude)).

I am attaching one of the screenshot for your reference.


Hi Pavan,

the stress components are documented here:

The “magnitude” is (most likely) the Euclidean norm of the sigma vector, i.e., sqrt(sum(entries^2)). You might want to double-check with the ParaView documentation to be 100% sure.

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Dear Chleh,

Thanks, Now I got it.

But what does that average signify when we use the PlotDataOverTime filter in ParaView? Is this a surface average in 2D and a volumetric average in 3D/ axisymmetric?


Hi Pavan,

This is a ParaView question not directly related to OGS. Please look for an answer in the ParaView documentation.

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