I have problem in msh2vtu

When I enter this code in cmd:
python msh2vtu.py --ogs --rdcd 1234.msh
1234.msh is my msh name
I get the following error:
AttributeError: ‘Mesh’ object has no attribute ‘remove_orphaned_nodes’
What is the solution?

Seems like version mismatch (in some version of meshio, a package msh2vtu relies on, meshmodifying functions were to be shifted to a separate package, and msh2vtu can handle this from some version on).
Would you post the mesh and I will take a look?

my mesh is 3D and i want convert to 7 vtu

I need the msh- or geo-file.

Please send me your email to help me

Dear @mohammad I elevated your permission so that you can directly upload here.

this is my files location URL
i also run your example file(geolayer_2d.msh) with msh2vtu but encounter the seem error

geolayer_2d.msh runs without error on my computer.
With 321.msh I obtain a warning, that there are some nodes out of the domain mesh, may be some leftovers from intermediate steps, anyway
the results 321_dk.zip (1.4 MB)
look good at first glance.
For comparison, these are my versions
gmsh 4.10.5
msh2vtu 0.0.3
meshio 5.3.4 (Python 3.10.6)